DAL Mobile Homes provides remodeled mobile homes and manufactured homes for sale in many areas throughout the USA.  In most cases, we can offer creative solutions to help homebuyers get into our remodeled mobile homes.  We have the “know how” to come up with creative solutions to fit your situation.

DAL Mobile Homes has several properties to choose from.  We handle all of the paperwork so we can close NOW and put you right into your future mobile home.  We are problem solvers who can make your problems evaporate so you too can achieve the American Dream of home ownership. We create and provide win-win real estate solutions for all our customers.  We can also customize a program to suit any special situation!  We have several programs to suit your individual and family needs.  Our programs are perfect for those with credit issues or those who haven’t saved enough down payment or just want to “test-out” the neighborhood and the schools.

Our Program

We know that financing the purchase of a mobile home without land can be hard to find and almost impossible In most areas. In fact, older mobile homes in mobile home parks are impossible to acquire traditional financing. Our company offers a program that helps you buy a mobile home without a traditional bank being involved.  Here is what we offer:

  • Requires no bank financing or bank qualifying.
  • Small or minimal down poayment to get into one of our remodeled mobile homes.
  • Trade in an existing mobile home to get into one of our remodeled mobile homes.
  • You can pay off the amount remaining without penalty.
  • We can make sure payments are affordable for your particular situation.
  • You can receive all the benefits of homeownership NOW without the hassle of bank financing.
If you want to learn more about our programs to buy a mobile home, please fill in our form or call 800-354-9915.
NOTE: At this time, we do not offer our program on mobile homes and manufactured homes that we do not own.