Park Managers

If you are a mobile home park manager or owner, manufactured home park manager or owner, or leased land owner, we would like to speak with you. DAL Mobile Homes has been involved in the mobile home and manufactured home industry for over 7 years. As an organization, we have worked with many mobile home parks and manufactured home communities over this time. We have bought, rehabbed, and sold many mobile homes over this period of time. We have a staff of individuals who are experienced in working with sellers, community managers & owners and who are well versed in evaluating mobile homes for condition issues. We have a team of contractors who have completely rehabbed many mobile homes, and a phenomenal sales staff that works with the community owner or manager to help fill the rehabbed mobile home with tenants that will meet both of our needs. Members of our organization have years of experience in owning and running various different mobile home communities too, so we do understand some of the challenges that you face each day in your community.

  • Do you have vacant lots that are not producing income? – We can help you fill your vacant lots.
  • Do you have abandoned mobile homes in your community? – We might be interested in buying some of these mobile homes, repiring them and selling them.
  • Do you have park owned homes that need repairs? – We might be interested in buying these from you, repairing them, and selling them to buyers that meet your park qualifications.
  • Are you dealing with sellers selling their mobile homes to people who want to move the mobile home out of your community? – We can help by buying these mobile homes from these sellers and help you keep the mobile home in the park producing income for you.
  • Do you want to sell park owned homes to reduce your expenses? – We might be interested in buying these from you, repairing them, and selling them to buyers that meet your park qualifications.

We have the experience and would like to help make your day to day easier. We want to work with you to overcome any of these obstacles. DAL Mobile Homes buys mobile homes in mobile home parks for CASH. We can close quickly on mobile homes that meet our criteria. We will buy, fix up, and put a new party that qualifies for your community in that mobile home. Now, you receive income from the lot and you have reduced your operating expenses.

Our goal is to help you meet your goals. We know that if your community is not full and generating rent, you are not reaching your goals and possibly missing out on needed and well deserved bonuses. We look forward to working with you to help stabilize or maintain your mobile home park. Please feel free to contact us via the form below or call us at 800-345-9915.